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Personalised Wedding Presents

Telling stories with JPEGS

Design by Balajee’s main aim is to take out the generic norms of gifting and give your friends something a bit more personal and sentimental. It might sound very simple to put some text and a picture together but what makes our creations unique is the intricate designs we create by translating your ideas into masterpieces.

The design

Every design we create is unique. Although our speciality is experimenting with colours and typography, we still pay attention to all the minute details that create our masterpieces. This is of course a great way to tell the loving couple how much they mean to you.

Primary Typefaces Used
Scriptorama & Gotham Families

Home is where the heart is...

As you can see the frames beautifully display a significant moment in their life, whilst doubling up as super stylish décor piece which could be displayed anywhere in their home. It could be either mounted on a mantle piece, perched on a side table or it could be hung anywhere using the fixture at the back.

Get in touch...

These frames are specifically designed as gifts for couples on their wedding, anniversary day etc. If this is similar to something you want but for a different occasion, please do get in touch and we can discuss it in more detail.
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