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Sai Tarusha proudly presents the best destination for Indian boutique online. Sai Tarusha means victory and their company motto is - ‘Our victory is achieving your praise and loyalty’. Our aim was to ensure that the company motto is conveyed to the audience through just the logo.

Lord Ganesh is one of the best known and loved deities in the Hindu pantheon of Gods. He is believed to be the Lord of good fortune who provides prosperity, fortune and victory. In the design, we incorporated Lord Ganesh’s eyes which symbolises his ability to see beyond what humans can see. This is relatable to Sai Tarusha as are always in trend and know exactly what their customers require and occasionally they act upon future trends which enables them to offer a service beyond their customer’s expectations.

The vibrant red tilak symbolises two things. Firstly, a third eye which represents knowledge, Sai Tarusha as a company strive to keep well informed about the market they operate in therefore they have vast knowledge of Indian fashion trends compared to other boutiques online. Secondly, the tilak is usually applied to honour an event or mark a victory. We wanted the target audience to feel welcomed and enlightened when shopping online hence we used a vibrant red instead of blending it in. The cherry on the cake is the turmeric background which enhances all the main features - Lord Ganesh’s eyes, the tilak and the font reading ‘Sai Tarusha’. We believe that this logo gives the customer a sense of celebration every time they visit the best destination for Indian boutique – SAI TARUSHA.
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