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Coventry University Multimedia Competition

Migrants in Europe


BRIEF: A multimedia competition that aims to allow young artists and communicators to reflect on the contribution of migrants to European society today.

SOLUTION: This poster will make us aware of the contributions of migrants coming into Europe or other continents over the years. The 'Words of Recognition', with a slight touch of humour, conveys many aspects of migration, for example, economy, lifestyle, cuisine, and some of the everyday products we use, which originate from other parts of the world. The typographic approach using a wide variety of cap typefaces further emphasizes the benefits of multi-racial communities globally whilst giving a vital design element to the poster.

  • Poster shortlisted in the top 15 for the Migrants in Europe Competition 2013.

  • Poster selected to be exhibited in the MA & Other Postgraduates 2014 Exhibition between 24th February and 29th March 2014 in the Aktinson Gallery, Millfield School, Somerset.

Primary Typefaces Used
AW Conquerer & Kenyan Coffee Families

Copyright 2021 Balajee Ramalingam / Baj
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